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Black, White, and Masculine.

I generally recommend that clients keep their palette neutral and inject color in minimal amounts.  Keeping a pliable, subtle palette, allows you to introduce color in small doses to make a larger impact visually.  However,  I uncovered this Black, White, and Masculine space and fell in love.

Even Will, from bright.bazaar, who uses color and #makeyousmilestyle for his own blog and interior decorating style, suggests the following:

As a guide, use the 60:30:10 rule: 60 per cent of your room in your primary / base colour, 30 per cent in the secondary details (upholstery, curtains, furniture) and 10 per cent for the accent – often the brightest – colour (pillows, blankets, vases). — William Taylor-Willis

// The Telegraph

This minimalistic approach works because the designer chose to highlight existing architecture by creating contrast between the walls and fireplace by painting the entire window frame high-gloss black.  This creates moments of movement and pause.  Allowing your eye to unintentionally focus on the white/black contrast in one cohesive view.

Discover your path to becoming a character with style | | @pathofcharacter

// image


Here are more examples taken from my Pinterest board to use for your own Black, White, and Masculine inspiration.

Just because the room lacks color, it definitely does not fall short of character.  Utilize the architecture and large graphic prints to reinvent your space.


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While hanging out on Pinterest today (as I usually do), I found a quote that I found to be a great inspiration for those days when you need extra motivation.



Do what they think you can't do. - Duke Fergerson | @pathofcharacter |


It’s also a free printable from and will be adorning my walls shortly.



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Summer Shoe Inspirations // Urban Outfitters

I am very excited about Summer weather in Chicago.  This city seems to transform instantly once the sun starts to melt all the snow. Restaurants have already started putting their outdoor patio sets out (and there is nothing better than having a burger and Stella Artois outside!).  Everyone is anxious to get out and explore the city again and exercise on the bike path.  Summer in Chicago makes all the other weather we deal with throughout the year bearable.  With all the fun outdoor activities to explore this year and why not do it in style?   Here are a few of my favorite Summer Shoe Inspirations from Urban Outfitters.

Pair any of these colorful shoes with your favorite shorts and a button down and you can create instant envy among your friends.

summer shoes inspirations from urban outfitters | pathofcharacter

urbanoutfitters | new balance | vans | soludos


Here are some of my other favorites from UO.


For you Chicago locals, check out these events:

Ravinia Festival – a great place to listen to live music and enjoy an outdoor picnic.

Bike the Drive – the best cycling ride in Chicago, you bike Lake Shore Drive with thousands of other cyclists.

Flea Markets – Vintage Bazaar is definitely one of my favorites.


What is on your to do list this year?


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path of [a] character // jeromy’s profile on Pinterest

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Living Room Inspiration

With a pending move on the horizon, I’ve been thinking about how I want to style my new living room.  Not only is the right furniture and styling important, but I will also be taking my time to find the space with the right architectural feel. These images are ones I’m looking at for my future living room inspiration.


PathofCharacter Living Room Inspiration

one. This mid-century modern styled space incorporates a soft look but with a neutral color palette.

two. The simple styling and colorful bold graphics of this space keep the look minimalist but full of character.

three. This space has a more “lived in” feel. I enjoy a space that not only looks well styled, but also functional and useable. //source

Find more images like these on my Pinterest account: PathofCharacter.

What images or style do you find inspirational?


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Do you have a reading nook?

Do you have room for a reading nook?  These are fantastic in a space to create that little place where you can slip away from your worries and regular daily routine.  Create an oasis where you can sit, relax, and allow the wonders of text to take you to another world.  Reading nooks can be placed adjacent to your living room to create another intimate area for socializing with friends or any open corner throughout your home, for instance a bedroom.

To create a reading nook you will need comfy chair, a floor lamp, and possibly a side table.  You’ll want this to feel cozy and inviting.  Grab a pillow, your favorite throw, and some simple styling and this can be a place you want to enjoy a nice cup of earl gray to unwind.

Creating a compelling vignette like a reading nook is a great way to tackle styling in your space one corner at a time.

“Think of your home as a series of purpose-driven design moments.  Is a neglected corner and ideal spot for a small bench? When you break up spaces into digestible vignettes, decorating a home becomes less intimidating.” – Noa Santos, cofounder and CEO of

//via Lonny 2013 October edition


I love the layout of this space, the character of this vintage chair and the simple gallery wall really create a cozy nook.

Reading Nook pathofcharacter

//via flickr

Reading Nook pathofcharacter

//via dwell

Reading Nook pathofcharacter

//via houzz


What requirements do you have for your reading nook?


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